Hand Instruments

Hand instruments (periodontal probe, explorer, mirror) facilitate oral examination to assess the health status of the oral cavity. Scalers and curettes help to remove plaque and calculus. Perosteal elevators (molt, freer) help by reflecting periosteum from the bone surface to expose the underlying bone.

Michigan O probe with Williams markings

Number 23 Shepherd's hook explorer

Gracey 12 curette

Gracey 13 curette

Sickle scaler

Molt periosteal elevator

Freer periosteal elevator

Wing-tipped elevator

Dental mirror


Instrument Sharpening Stones

Instrument sharpening provides effective hand instruments for scaling, root planning and soft-tissue curettage.

Hand sharpening kit

Powered sharpening stone


Sterility Pouches

All instruments used in the mouth should be sterile. This precaution is essential to help prevent extension of disease from one area of the mouth to another and from one animal to another.

Double wrap

Outside wrap, opened


Instrument Sets (packs) for Different Procedures

Examination pack

Extraction pack

Periodontal surgery pack


Storage by Discipline (periodontics, oral surgery, endodontics, assessment)

Storage by discipline allows for easy recovery of packs used for examination, extraction and periodontal surgery, as well as other dental disciplines practiced in the office.

Sterile burs

Ritter M11 UltraClave Automatic Sterilizer


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