Dental Feature: Root Canal Therapy and Acrylic Crown Restoration


Breed: Goldendoodle

Fractured Canine Tooth

Fractured teeth are more common in dogs than in humans. Dogs' instinctual desire to chew on things like sticks, ice cubes and hard toys can often lead to painful, broken teeth that require immediate root canal therapy or extraction.

This 15-month-old Goldendoodle was chewing on a hard chew toy that allowed her canine teeth to become lodged within the toy. The patient's owner noticed her left mandibular canine tooth was fractured with the nerve exposed.

Fractured mandibular canine

X-ray of fractured mandibular canine

The patient was placed under general anesthesia for root canal therapy. The entire infected, exposed nerve was removed with the help of a barbed broach and the canal was prepared with multiple endodontic files. A Clorox solution was used to irrigate and sterilize the affected area. The canal was then sealed with zinc oxide-eugenol and filled with gutta percha.

X-ray of initial root canal therapy

Once the root canal procedure was complete, the fracture site was restored with light cured acrylic resin.

Restoration of the fractured tooth

The dog was back to her normal self within days of the procedure. An eight-month re-evaluation showed that the root canal was a success. Follow-up exams and radiographs will be performed yearly to examine the health of the tooth.

X-ray eight months after the procedure

Fully functional tooth eight months after the procedure

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