Dental Feature: Orthodontic Braces


Breed: Siamese Mix


Crooked teeth can make everyday tasks like eating or chewing on toys painful for pets. Fortunately, just like with humans, braces can help redirect cats' teeth and alleviate oral discomfort.

This young Siamese mix cat was experiencing pain even closing his mouth. His upper canine teeth were folded inward and his left canine was penetrating the lower jaw tissue when he tried to close his mouth.

Upper canine teeth folded inward

Upper canines puncturing lower jaw and pushing lower canines outward

The cat's owners were given the choice of extracting all four canine teeth or moving the teeth into place with orthodontic braces. Extraction would have required major surgery and the owners wanted to save the pet's teeth, so they chose braces.

Orthodontic cement was applied to the upper canines as well as the third and fourth premolars, followed by orthodontic brackets and elastics.

Orthodontic elastics placed to move right canine backward

Orthodontic elastics placed to move left canine backward

Orthodontic elastics

Within just two months, both canines were pulled back to a normal occlusion and the cat could fully close his mouth without pain.

Front view of corrected occlusion

Right canine with corrected occlusion

Left canine with corrected occlusion

Corrected occlusion

Lips fully closed after teeth were returned to a normal occlusion

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