ORAL ATP Quiz Challenge

We're glad to see you're taking an interest in your patients' oral health. Please take a few moments to review the rest of the site and prepare for this short quiz. Participants who answer all three questions correctly and submit their information before 12:00 a.m. February 20, 2009 will be entered into a sweepstakes to win an 8GB iPod® nano.

Best of luck!

1. Feline chronic gingivostomatitis is an immune-related disease that affects some cats that become hypersensitive to:
Common oral cleaning solutions
Plaque on the teeth
Inflammation in the oral cavity
Resorption of teeth

2. Horizontal bone loss occurs commonly in cases of:
Periodontal disease
Root fracture
Orthodontic disease
Feline resorption lesions

3. Overbite is correctly called:
Mandibular mesioclusion
Unilateral crossbite
Bilateral crossbite
Mandibular distoclusion

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