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Dental Feature: Peripheral Odontogenic Fibroma Removal

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Peripheral Odontogenic Fibroma

This five-year-old patient had a significant mass around her lower right canine tooth. She was evaluated by two veterinarians before being taken to a veterinary dental specialist for a microscopic exam.

Front view of lower jaw mass

Side view of lower jaw mass

A needle was inserted into the mass to remove cells from the lesion. The cells were viewed under a microscope, and a benign tumor was tentatively diagnosed. X-rays of the mass were then taken, revealing a large calcium growth inside.

X-ray showing calcium in the mass

Unless tumors like this are completely removed on all sides, they can reoccur. Surgery was performed to remove the mass and the oral tissue within a one-centimeter radius. This required the patient's two canines and first premolar to be extracted during the procedure.

Mouth after surgery

X-ray after surgery

The pathology analysis of the mass revealed a peripheral odontogenic fibroma—a benign, fibrous, connective tissue tumor that occurs around the gingival margin. It is common for these tumors to contain areas of calcification. Following the procedure, the surgical margins were completely void of tumor tissue, so the patient's prognosis is excellent.

Mouth healing one week after surgery

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