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Dental Feature: Extraction and Root Fragment Removal

Breed: German Shepherd Mix

Condition: Fractured Teeth and Abnormal Periodontal Pockets

This five-year-old female dog’s owners thought she just had a couple broken teeth. But her five fractured incisors were only the beginning of her dental issues.

Fractued upper incisors
Four fractured upper incisor teeth

Fractured lower incisor
One fractured lower incisor tooth

ORASTRIP QuickCheck Canine swabbed on the dog’s maxillary mucosa indicated significant periodontal disease even though visually none was present. The dog was placed under anesthesia for a thorough cleaning and exam, including periodontal probing and intraoral X-rays. A 4 mm periodontal pocket was noted on the right maxillary first molar mesial root and a 9 mm pocket was noted on the left maxillary molar. X-rays of the left maxillary molar revealed a root fracture.

9 mm pocket
9 mm periodontal pocket

When the examination was complete, the four fractured maxillary incisors and one fractured mandibular incisor were extracted. The 4 mm pocket was then treated with ultrasonic scaling and instillation of CLINDORAL surgical dressing.

The 9 mm pocket required flap exposure to remove the fractured root fragment. A full thickness periodontal flap was opened to expose the area and a large bone fragment was removed, exposing the fractured crown and root.

Flap exposure
Flap exposure to remove the root fragment

Root fragment
Root fragment removed

Defect remaining
Defect remaining after the root fragment was removed

Dentin activator and light-cured dental sealant were placed over the exposed dentin. A freeze-dried canine cadaver bone graft was then placed deeply into the defect. A horizontal mattress suture grabbed the flap and exited buccal between the maxillary first molar and first premolar.

Sutured defect
Sutured defect

The patient’s dental issues have all been addressed, and her prognosis is excellent. Her owners are now fully aware of the importance of choosing safe, pliable toys and treats that are unlikely to break teeth.

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